Since 1991, Bettina MONSONEGO-MEINECHE has been advising a large number of Danish and European companies in the context of their French operations.

BMM Avocat & Advokat has a particular expertise in the following fields:

  • Business and company law
  • Acquisitions, mergers and sales of companies
  • Creation, acquisition and sales of businesses
  • Property law
  • National and European taxation law
  • International banking law
  • Organization of owners' assets
  • National and international distribution contracts

The areas in which the firm is involved cover the choice and creation of the best legal structure as well a studying the most appropriate method of finance and assessing the taxation and corporate implications.

Maître Bettina Monsonego-Meineche, who is both a Danish Advokat and a French Avocat, is entitled to represent her clientele and defend their interests both in France and in Denmark.